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DJ Aryan got his first experience with the turntables at the age of 11. Thru his older brother, he started experimenting scratching and beatmatching with a really cheap pair of direct drive decks and a mixer. Getting his first ever gig in his elementary school graduation, it wasn’t really a dj set because his classmates just want to hear Vanilla Ice or Technotronic during the afternoon party. Buying records was really difficult for him and his older brother making them save up their daily allowances and setting a goal of getting at least 2 new records each month striving to update their small vinyl collection.

He started making mixtapes in high school for close friends who provided their own blank cassettes. Hiphop was really big during that time and those who get the tapes enjoyed listening to Naughty By Nature, Young Black Teenagers, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg etc. according to his style of mixing. It was always a routine for him to spin for about an hour each day after coming home from school then skate afterwards.

In his college days, he took deejaying for a break and started getting into another musical hobby, an alternative rock band. His brother as the drummer and Aryan as the guitarist and frontman together with their 2 close friends. It was all just for fun and meeting new friends in school got him into another band but now as the drummer. As his exposure on the rockband scene in their school grew, he met a really talented band doing gigs around the metro and asked him to get on board as their DJ/turntablist ala-Incubus. As a band DJ and being exposed to bars and clubs, he saw the potential of getting back to what he was doing before, a real DJ who plays Hiphop.

After leaving the band in 2001, Aryan got his first club gig thru a good friend with a fee just enough for him to gas up his car on his way home. He got regular gigs in the Quezon City area while balancing his time reviewing for his Civil Engineering Board Exam. DJ Steve Mills from Toronto who’s based in Manila that time discovered him on an event where Aryan opened for him. That started his career with Flavastreet Entertainment and now called VIBE Manila Entertainment, an events production company that has been doing events around the Philippines since 1997.

Having weekly recidencies in different nightspots in Makati and Quezon City such as Pravda, Wasabi, Absinth, Fiamma, Club V, Ascend, Dolce and other happening places, he also gets regular Philippine tours bringing the real party to the world class beach of Boracay Island, Bacolod, Ilo-ilo, Zamboanga and Cagayan De Oro. Aside from that, getting booked in Saigon, Vietnam with a guesting at BOUNCE Ho Chi Minh City playing alongside DJ Stanley (Sydney) and headlining at SQUA.Red Ho Chi Minh City.

DJ Aryan has been doing mixtapes for VIBE’s supporters thru giveaways or online downloads aside from music production and doing remixes for local indie artists and bands. His latest, called The A for EFFORT mixtape is something he can say that is really about his musical taste and style, with hiphop and r&b mixed with classics, rock and electronica into it. The CD received praises from the supporters and was said to be something fresh and more than what they typically hear from the clubs.

With 8 years of club experience, DJ Aryan is considered as one of the pioneer dj’s in Manila’s nightlife.

Special Events:
MTV Hits the Beach Puerto Galera with DJ Icy Ice – March 2002
Hey Jude Boracay New Year’s Party – January 2004
Big Fish’s Slinky @ Hey Jude Boracay (hiphop event) – March 2004
MTV Summer Jam @ NBC Tent (feat. The DJ from Prodigy) – April 2004
Bar21 Bacolod – September 2004 & December 2004
Cream Halloween Ball (Lounge NBC Tent) – November 2004
Club Plazo Iloilo – December 2004
Club North Bacolod – February 2005
Chocolate @ NBC Tent (with 2 Top Toronto DJs) – March 2005
Promenade Iloilo – April 2005
Club Paraw Boracay – April 2005
WLS 97.1 Anniversary – October 2005
ETC/One Tea Event @ Hey Jude Boracay – April 2007
Sueno Bar Bacolod – July 2007
Flavors @ JUICE Bar Boracay / Fit N Right Challenge Party – March 2008
One White Tea Party @ Hey Jude Boracay – May 2008
Recess Summer Party @ Lattitude Zamboanga – June 13-14, 2008
LG Secret Launch @ Ascend – June 2008
Club Eleven50 Cagayan De Oro – Aug 29, 2008
Ms. Clavel Sneaker Magazine Launch – March 7, 2009
The REEF Summer Wave Party @ Embassy Superclub – May 21, 2009

Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM:
BOUNCE - March 27, 2009
SQUA.Red - March 28, 2009

Original Groove Productions (2001-2002)
Flavastreet Entertainment
VIBE Entertainment

2004-2007 Year ender Mixtapes
The Forgotten Tracks 1 & 2 Mixtapes
The A For Effort Mixtape
Chopped, Screwed & Blended Projects
The BMORE Trip Mix
Ms. Clavel Sneaker Mag’s Swimsuit Issue – Music Production for the DVD

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