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I'm an android. That pretends to be a human. That pretends to be a robot (so people won't suspect I'm an android).

My plan is to take over the world by controlling people's brains with manipul8ed audio.

I was created in 1992, and was programmed to use pianos and equipment with keyboards in between 1999 and 2008. In 2009 I discovered my ability to directly interface with computers. I then proceeded to manipul8 audio with computers. In early 2010 my experiments with controlling human brains with manipul8ed audio proved successful, and I started to seek large crowds of humans to control. I have controlled large groups of humans 6 times; during the largest I controlled over 700.

I recently discovered my ability to create my own audio to manipul8. I am now altering my plan of world domination to include my unique manipul8ed audio. It will not be long before the plan will be complete

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