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Carol hails from Long Beach were she came into DJing via break dancing. A Digital Media Arts major at Dominquez Hills, Carol combines her love of music and production to create cinematic vibes and hip-hop from the heart. Carol is a first generation Taiwanese-American, and while growing up never played with dolls but enjoyed the company of her sheep dog named Kippy. Like many DJs from the Southern California she has risen through the ranks of the mobile DJ and party rockin' scene. Carol started honing her skills at high school dances and Southland garage parties, then moved up to college noontime events, internet radio shows and non-profit benefits. It was only time before she would join Joint One, a top record pool based in L.A. and Japan, and secure her rank in the L.A. D.J. club circuit. When asked why she became a DJ, Carol exclaimed, "I am very intrigued with the hip hop culture and lifestyle. I want to contribute to the community somehow. I used to break dance and I would hurt myself a lot, so I retired from that and focused on DJing. I am very passionate about music. It's life. It's food for my soul. It's medicine for me. Sharing music with people is like sharing my food with others." Carol is currently working on music that draws on her influences such as Jazz, Classical, Opera and Oldies. Her love of old school breaks, hip-hop,and downtempo is reflected in her own unique scratch style. In the ever-evolving turntablism genre. Of her studies Carol mentions, "I've played/studied the violin, piano and keyboard, percussion, and voice. Each instrument opens up a part of yourself. I am curious to seek out myself." Carol's most recent project is her mixtape "Tu Amorette" which showcases her live mixing, studio skills and track selecting abilities as well as her skilled scratching technique. Future mixtapes are in the works as well as holding down her own events. Carol recently was on the Van's sponsored Warped Tour and in her six year career has performed with many of West Coast's top artists, such as Heiroglyphics, Living Legends, D Styles, Third Sight, and Busdriver of Project Blow.

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