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Dj George K Emmanouilidis was born on late 70's in Thessaloniki from a Film Maker Father and Secretary Mother. In his childhood his father, breathed him the love for music and cinema.
As you understand the begin had made...
He attended courses of Sound Engineering at Barnfield College and completed his studies at Rock Studio of Pandelis Deligiannidis.

He started his radio career in 1992 at Splash Fm as an assistant producer and continued to
Fx Fm, Cool Fm, Top Fm, Channel 1, Geronimo Groovy, Α103 Children in Fm, Rso.

Since 1998 began to deal with events and in September of 2000 he has established his own company, since then Dj Emmanouilidis gives his best, always combined with good music and having next to him a well-trained staff ready to respond to the most extreme that you desire.

Comprising a network of over 4000 events and has gone through all kinds of music. He and his colleagues have the ideal profile for any event.
He is established for the professionalism and the felt for the successful musical selections always depending on the circumstances.

It should be noted that hot spot on his career was the strategic partnership with the Group Classical Hotels and from December of 2006 to September of 2008 was very popular and well known to the public of Thessaloniki for the music made in the Cloud Level 9 of Macedonia Palace (He is the Father of Hoteling in Northern Greece).


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