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DJ Cris Macumbadub brings the idea blend between the rhythmic beats of electronic music, with the interaction of Macumba and its performance Dub (vocals, synths and percussion). Dj Cris presents unique versions and productions Lo-Fi all in house, AND Remix for Dj and collaborations in Germany and Italy.
The project consists of more than 8 years experience as a DJ and music producer born in Olinda,Recife-Pe, based in Florida 13 years. The other half of multi-instrumentalist In Pescussao Tribal, she also has a great experience having already presented alongside India Mae Moon, and also with several bands in Pernambuco in Concert 2.Atualmente In phase of new projects for 2012 is Ready In Volume III Artists / bands of Pernambuco. Bringing together the diverse sounds was possible to draw a picture of what is being produced in the independent music scene in the state. Coletâneas Recife Lo-fi Vol. II e Vol. III

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