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DJ DannyBoi Sets His Party Standards High While Maintaining His Unwavering Mission to Achieve Celebrity DJ Status…

A deep desire and a drive for the ultimate success in his industry is the course that our feature DJ has set for himself. We haven't encountered too many DJ's with such a strong vision and determination for such high personal achievement. DJ DannyBoi has set the bar of success extremely high and he is not allowing anything to stop him from achieving his goals. From his early beginnings with music at the age of 13, this artist has been interacting extensively with the medium as a means of self-expression and internal development. Music has been an integral part of defining who this individual is and it has helped him to set the creative path of life that he has journeyed on for almost twenty years.

DJ DannyBoi possesses a rich perspective of the music industry as a result of his early career choices. He has also wisely rounded-out his resume of experience through involving himself in the many facets of the DJ profession. DJ DannyBoi has put in his time through his humble beginnings as a DJ spinning for family, friends, parties, schools, events etc. From this point he expanded his repertoire as industry folk started to sit up and take note of his exceptional abilities and sense of rhythm behind the turntable.
Danny's immersion in mainstream music moved him to become increasingly more involved in the radio aspect of the business. "He was an avid listener to the mix shows on Power 106, and 106.7 kroq. This is when he realized that he wanted to learn the techniques of blending and mixing music. He worked for KCMU 90.3 fm Seattle Wa from 2000 to 2003. In 2003, he was chosen to compete in the KCMU 90.3 DJ battle hosted By ButterBeat records. In 2004, he landed the job as the DJ for all of Puma Athletic wear corporate function and in house sales.

In addition to his extensive marketing and exposure via the radio community, business-minded Danny also launched a mobile disc jockey service under the name of Amplified Entertainment in 1999 (Seattle Wa). Never stopping to pause for long in his career development, this artist has stayed on the course of his dreams and has continued to tackle new projects that would further his professional image and promote his name as a world-class turntablist.

So far in his career, he has produced many CD’s and demos since 1998 as well as he has released two professional mainstream CD’s called, “Get yo Funk on (Club Edition)” and "Full Moon Sessions". Danny thrives on producing extremely high quality at all times and he is a very serious and dedicated artist when it comes to his work. That isn't to say that he lacks a sense of humor though! Danny has an uncanny sense of appropriate timing in all aspects of his life.

DJ DannyBoi's vast knowledge of the industry has left him with a true sense of what makes an effective club and party atmosphere. He knows exactly how to create an unbelievable vibe, to the point of it almost being a science for him. In order to feel successful, it's imperative to this artist that his audience is riding the musical high of his turntable antics and he will settle for nothing less than pure party madness when he takes over the decks. It's all or nothing...there is no grey area for Danny.

The Buzz has had several opportunities to experience DJ DannyBoi live at Cabana Palms Ultra lounge in California (one of many clubs on his resume) and he always puts down the hottest tracks on the charts! Using his exceptional mixing talents, Danny consistently keeps the dance floor filled to overflowing with party-jacked patrons. Everyone seems to adore his broad spectrum of genres used within his sets. He likes to use an "AM-esque" style of slammin' down the mixes. Danny embraces a great deal of expertise when it comes to mixing any genre of music.

This DJ has a really well-developed sense of his crowd and he follows their reactions and chemistry closely during his gigs. Although he does have planned sets, he is experienced enough now to allow his creativity to flow and to feed the club-goers based on their hunger level! Once he has a handle on their collective musical preferences, he seems to jack up the vibe with a flurry of mainstream smash hits mixed with retro and alternative tracks to appease the more musically savvy on the dance floor. DJ DannyBoi is a complete professional while holding down the helm in the DJ Booth (quite frequently he uses his own free-standing, portable Odyssey deck) and again he thrives upon the challenge of keeping the club patrons thirsting for more hot tracks, while also refilling their beverages at the bar due to continuous dancing!

It's probably safe to claim that everyone has dreams, but DJ DannyBoi is dreaming in 3D IMAX!! He is on a mission to achieve celebrity status as a DJ with goals as grandiose as participating in films or on TV, working with A-listers, and dropping sets for massive volumes of peeps in global venues. It's an amazing but completely achievable task that Danny has set for himself. In looking at his history, in combination with his intense level of dedication, DJ DannyBoi's determination is definitely a characteristic that is to be admired and an asset to his name. The key to his success appears to lie within Danny's belief in himself and his deep commitment to spreading his passion for music to others in an almost prophetic manner.

"Music is the true soul to life and without music we'd be dead. From what I've been seeing with a lot of DJ’s is they don't give to the crowds/fans what they should, making the money that some of these guys are making. Rather making hundreds and or thousands, I promise to all business and fan base criteria that I will keep them all happy. In entertainment, we all know it’s a very hard thing to do. What makes me truly unique is that I guarantee as a DJ that I will be well-known and at a popularity level of a celebrity artist/musician. I work miracles on the turntables and always give the people what they want and then some!”. A statement no better said then from this highly motivated and inspiring artist himself!

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