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Orem, UT

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Coming from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and repping for Miami, Florida, DJ Donricky is quickly rising to the well-known DJ status he deserves. Running countless parties in Utah County and Salt Lake City, Utah, he has proven he is the only DJ the town needs. Not only does his resume include DJing for popular clubs in Utah such as Green Street, The Hooka Bar, and The Loft, DJ Donricky has extended his talent to house parties In Different Locations such as Las Vegas, California & Florida.

DJ Donricky has a vast variety of music to select from, and He has made a name for himself by showing his versatility through the numerous weddings, college parties, cookouts, and events he has made successful. DJ Donricky also took his talent further by mastering his production abilities.

DJ Donricky is willing to work with other artists who are looking for production and is only one phone call away. Call 801-623-3043 if you're interested in working with a professional with no shortage of experience. DJ Donricky has not failed to please crowds, and it looks like he is here to stay.

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