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DJ Dysfunkshunal is a founding member of the infamous dj collective Killa Tactics, hailing out of Louvain city, Belgium. At a very young age he fell in love with the culture we all know as hip-hop, more specifically dj’ing and turntablism. After seeing dj’s scratch in the early rap videos from 1989, as a 10 year old kid, he knew he wanted to become a dj one day. He started collecting records, and studied the cuts and scratches of old school dj legends such as Terminator X, Jam Master Jay, DJ Scratch & DJ Premier. Later on he got inspired by turntablism pioneers like the X-ecutioners, the Beat Junkies & the Allies. At the age of 14 he got enough money together to buy his first pair of second hand Technics turntables and a scratch mixer. He started practicing day and night, to get his mixing, scratching & beat juggling skills right: this young turntablist was determined to make it to the top of the dj world…

In 1996 Dj Dysfunkshunal founded the Killa Tactics turntablist crew, together with Dj’s Damented & Daranged. They started practicing together, inspiring each other with their latest turntable tricks. In 1998 they signed up for their first battle… the belgian dj battle scene would never be the same again…

Dj Dysfunkshunal started entering dj competitions in 1998 and he won his first title in the same year. He entered the “Coup de France 1998” in Paris, and became “Beat Juggling Champion”. It was clear that Dj Dysfunkshunal had discovered his true talent: beat juggling. In the years that followed he entered numerous battles in Belgium, Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen, London, Los Angeles & San Francisco, destroying the competition with his fast, technical and funky beat juggles. In 2000 he won the DMC Belgium Supremacy Battle and competed at the 2000 DMC World Championships in London. That same year he also won the ITF Benelux Championship and represented the Benelux at the 2000 ITF World Championships in Los Angeles. As a part of the Killa Tactics crew he became 2 times vice world champion at the 2001 & 2002 ITF Team World Championships. Needless to saythat Dj Dysfunkshunal has paid his dues in the international dj battle scene…

In 2002 DJ Dysfunkshunal retired from the battle scene, and decided to focus on other aspects of dj’ing such as party rocking, turntablism showcases, beat production and event promotion. Since then he has shared the stage with established acts in the turntablism world such as The X-ecutioners (USA), A-Trak (CAN), Dj Q-Bert (USA), Dj Cashmoney (USA), Birdy Nam Nam (France), Dj Woody (UK), Pro-Zeiko (Ger) , Noisy Stylus ( Ger) and many more. He also provided support acts for major rap outfits such as De La Soul (USA), GURU (USA), Rahzel (USA), Furious Five (USA), Postmen (NL), E-Life (NL) & Starflam (B).

Besides being a dedicated turntablist Dj Dysfunkshunal is also a true party rocker. In his party sets he seamlessly mixes the latest bangers with hip-hop classics, crunk, r&b, dancehall & reggeaton. Incorporating his outstanding turntablist skills is what makes him different from most other club dj’s. He rocked clubs all over Belgium and Europe and shared the decks with the biggest names in the game like Dj Cashmoney (USA), Dj JS-One (USA), Dj Goldfingers (Fr), Dj Chuckie (NL) & Dj Sake (B). He held down several resident spots at succesfull party concepts like “Fataal”, “City Queens” & “Boom Boom Room” and was guest dj at major urban parties like the “TMF Cool Sweat” parties, “R&B Allstars” and “R&B Summer Jams”.

Just like many other dj’s, Dysfunkshunal also made the logical transition from dj to music producer. He released numerous mixtapes, produced heat for various hip-hop albums and made several guest appearances on other dj’s mixtapes.

Dj Dysfunkshunal’s turntable talent didn’t stay unnoticed by the local media, which led to several appearances on national TV shows such as “TMF Cool Sweat” (TMF), “TMF Facts” (TMF), “411” (Jim Tv), “Going Out” (Jim Tv), “VRT Journaal” (VRT), “Studio Ket” (Canvas) & “ROB Nieuws” (ROB-TV). He could also be heard on air hosting his own radio-shows on Radio Scorpio 106 FM and Radio Vibration 89.9 FM. He delivered guest dj sets on “The Hop” (Studio Brussel), “Soul Station” (Fun Radio) & “R&B Fever”(Radio Contact). He was also featured in several newspapers and magazines such as “Radikal”, “Pulp”, “Cult Of Cool” & “VETO”. His popularity also got him clothing endorsements by RBK (Reebok) & ESDJCO (Extra Strength Dj Company). Recently he got an endorsement deal with "Audio Innovate", a manufacturer of professional and innovative dj mixers who works closely with "Pro X-Fader", the top leading brand in crossfader technology.

Dj Dysfunkshunal also has a talent for organising events, creating his own event concepts like “Fresh”, “Slick”, “Underground Kingz” and the international dj battle “Hit The Decks”.

After more than a decade behind the wheels of steel, Dj Dysfunkshunal is still hungry for more. For the years to come he definitely will be a major player in the multiple aspects of the hip-hop game… The champ is here… and he ain’t planning on retiring yet...


2008 No Comment Party DJ Battle CHAMP w. DJ ND (Genval, BELGIUM)
2007 4 Elementz Party DJ Battle CHAMP (Louvain, BELGIUM)
2002 ITF Team Category VICE WORLD CHAMP (Munich, GERMANY)
2001 ITF Team Category VICE WORLD CHAMP 2001 (San Francisco, USA)
2000 ITF World Championship - 7th PLACE (Los Angeles, USA)
2000 ITF Benelux Advancement CHAMP (Gent, BELGIUM)
2000 DMC World Championship Team Battle FINALIST (London, UK)
2000 DMC World Championship Supremacy Battle FINALIST (London, UK)
2000 DMC Belgium Supremacy Battle CHAMP (Louvain, BELGIUM)
2000 DMC Coupe de Belgique Beat Juggling - 2nd PLACE (Brussels, BELGIUM)
1999 ITF Belgium Advancement SEMI FINALIST (Antwerp, BELGIUM)
1999 ITF European Beat Juggling - 4th PLACE (Copenhagen, DENMARK)
1999 DMC Coupe de Belgique Beat Juggling CHAMP (Brussels, BELGIUM)
1998 School Of Hard Knox CHAMP w. Damented (Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS)
1998 DMC Belgium Championship - 3rd PLACE (Charleroi, BELGIUM)
1998 DMC Coupe De France Beat Juggling CHAMP (Paris, FRANCE)

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