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DZOL, turntablist & music producer, former member of the duo NEW KIDS ON THE NOISE, has over 10 years with his amazing technique and musical sense in countless festivals and major events in Chile and South America with the likes of JUSTICE, MASSIVE ATTACK, 2 MANY DJS,PERRY PHARREL , Thievery Corporation, LA RIOTS, ZEGON, DJ ENFERNO, TC & JAKES, Dj WOODY, I-DEE, LITTLE BOOTS , LOVE FOXXX (css). Today he is focused on 2 major projects, the first New Gold alongside Mc's Jet Mars and Cease. Their debut EP was signed by Japanese label P-Vine Records. His second and most important project is COLORS THINGS, his debut as a soloist and producer also under P-Vine Records, where he surprises with his skills as a beatmaker and surprises with his skills even more advanced with the crossfader. Always loyal and supporting their brand PUMA steps each supports the work done DZOL as their brand name is an icon and a concept within the avant-garde musical spectrum.

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