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Born and raised in the Bronx, DJ Eloy emerged into the nightlife scene not as a novice but as an entertainer who was born into a family of DJs. Beyond his skills being apart of his heritage, DJ Eloy has close personal ties with many of the most sought after individuals within his industry including DJ Cut, DJ AM, DJ Bacho, DJ Crooked, Danny Tenaglia and DJ 2nd Nature. His relationships with DJ personalities that present various genres, personifies his versatility to appeal to vinyl and CD aficionados using the cutting edge Rane Serato Scratch Live system to spin music and video with the skills to hold a crowd during peak club hours of twelve to four am. DJ Eloy has already spun at some of the hottest clubs in the city with no respect to genre such as Roxy NYC, Tunnel, Avalon, 49 Grove, Mixx Lounge, Green Room NYC, and Roxy NYC. Currently he has a residencies at Chelsea Piers and Chill Lounge.

Being more than a performer, DJ Eloy worked as a buyer for Satellite Records, supplying music to some of the world’s most notorious DJs by day. At night, he made his initial appearance in Club Red in the Bronx. Shortly after that, DJ Eloy expanded his appearances from Club Red to X-Bar (formerly known as Jimmy’s Bronx Café), Jet Set Café, Skate Key and The Loft in the late nineties. Due to his success in these venues, he was prepared to penetrate the Manhattan club scene. His roster boasts spinning for some of the hottest artists and celebrities such as Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Carmen Electra, Dave Navarro, Seth Green, Lawrence Fishbourne, and Eva Mendez.

On New Year’s Eve 1999, DJ Eloy spun at the Jungle Sky Records Millennium party which was broadcast worldwide on the internet and reached over 12 million listeners. DJ Eloy’s appearances also include catered events, weddings, formals, fraternity/sorority events and corporate events for Sony's music division after hosting a lecture on cutting edge DJ technology at Sony Wonder technology lab.

DJ Eloy has spun at various VIP events such as Saturday Night Live cast after parties featuring famous SNL members like Dan Aykroyd and Will Ferrell. He has even launched a variety of premium and sophisticated brands such as Drambuie Scotch, NYPM Cosmetics, Hypnotiq Liqueur, X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, Smirnoff Vodka and multiple movie release parties for film houses such as Warner Brothers, Paramount Studios and Universal Pictures. In 2008, DJ Eloy began organized and began instructing courses helping other members in the DJ community understand Rane SSL’s remixing software. He also performed at various venues in Las Vegas such as Jet, Light, and Republic this past September. In addition, over the course of his career DJ Eloy has been requested to travel to such exotic locations as his native Puerto Rico.

In an industry that continues to move forward, DJ Eloy has always been ahead on technology that affects the DJ world, and has already mastered remixing, mixing and editing music live, and now seeks to do the same with video for live performances. After years of holding crowds in the NYC metro area and exponentially increasing the fan base of every club at which he has held a residency, DJ Eloy will be launching the Natural Born Spinners Record Pool this Spring, featuring many of his exclusive mixes as well as those of other members from the exclusive DJ group, the Natural Born Spinners. Stay tuned as DJ Eloy increases his events for the 2011 season and expands into national and international locales such as Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Montreal, Europe, Japan, Australia and Singapore.

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