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My name is Ernesto Santoro, my DJ-handle/name: DJ Esanto.
"Esanto" stands for (no suprise here) the first letter of my first name and the first five from last name. It used to be my username on the university computer network. ;-)

I started mixing using one turntable, a tape-recorder and a bit of creativity to create mixes. Of course the mixes created by Ben Liebrand, Peter Slaghuis and Rutger Kroese, as I heard their mixes on the radio, got me going.
Later I got myself two Technics 1210-MK2 turntables and I was heading into professional territory.
But I never made further than the occasional 1-hour set on stage and mixtapes for friends, family and those interested.
Later I rebooted myself into mixing when the faster computers came along and started mixing digitally with software and that's where I am right now.
DJ-ing is not my profession, just a great hobby!

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