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Recognized as one of the West Coast's most unique and versatile DJs, DJ Fabian brings a blend of tasteful progressive and uplifting grooves to the dance floor. As a producer for the world famous remix label The Crooklyn Clan, DJ Fabian's tracks and remixes have garnered local and international recognition.

A San Francisco Bay Area native, DJ Fabian moved to Vegas in 07 to pursue his career in the entertainment capital of the world. Accolades came-quick, landing him coveted residencies at XS and Tryst. XS is currently ranked as the #1 Nightclub in the Country and is renowned worldwide.

DJ Fabian has toured nationally and shared the stage with many of today's chart topping artists and created ideas for entertainers from all spectrums of music. Aside from noted producers, his latest musical collaborations include Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, Barry Manilow, Carrot Top and the talented Dani Dilorio. Recently DJ Fabian designed the soundtrack to "The Official Michael Jackson European Tribute Tour" for Emmy-winning choreographer and Michael Jackson's artistic director Travis Payne (Michael Jackson's This Is It Tour, Dancing With the Stars).

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