Alain Marquez

San Diego, CA

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DJ Kaos is one of San Diego's most notable up and coming DJ's to come
on to the scene in recent memory. His ascend thru the ranks has been
an inconspicuous one, but as of late the buzz surrounding his eclectic
and high energy sets has started turning heads in the industry. His
sets truly embody the description of an 'Open Format DJ' and have club
patrons from San Diego, Vegas, Hollywood, San Francsico, Scottsdale
and Mexico demanding more. With a distinct style and sound, 13 years
of experience, and an impressive resume, DJ Kaos is primed for a
breakout. To sum it all up, a DJ Kaos performance can be described in
3 simple words; Consistent, Creative, and Memorable. Look for DJ Kaos
in the near future to continue to separate himself from the pack and
make his mark on the industry.

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