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Julian is a 29 year old Little Rock based photographer with a passion for all things creative. His foundation in the Arts began with drawing, as influenced by his younger sister, older brother, and mom. He eventually got a small film camera of which he used very often. Until one day he took a box of film to have them developed and saw how much it was going to cost. And at that point on he switched to digital. When he reached college, then progressed into digital arts/graphic design and took up electronic music making as well. After taking one photography class at UALR, his interest in photography skyrocketed. Even before college, you couldn't see him with out his camera. He graduated with a BA in Studio Arts with emphasis on Graphic Design, and a Minor in Digital Graphics, but the real fun is with his new refined talent of photography. Everything that he is able to do now, is based on self teaching since that intro to photography class. He has been able to take on challenging tasks as photographing weddings, a double one as well, to shooting his family travel albums. He is inspired by the people around him, and is driven by the passion to succeed. When his mother past away in 2009, he took a deep look at his life and asked himself what he wanted to do and what he was most passionate about. Julian has developed himself to become creative in many different areas.

He is not only a photographer, but a graphic designer, website designer, as well as an electronic musician/dj with songs on Junodownload.com.

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