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Dmitriy Light he Dmitry Lvov "top 100 DJ's russia is a bright representative of the contemporary club scene! Famous musician,sound producer and businessman. Is distinguished by its creativity and gas show!Guest hundreds of clubs,bars and restaurants in Saint-Petersburg! From 2010 the resident Manager and fashionable cafes "Bl@ckberry". C 2011 resident of the club "Punch". With 2012 art Director of the Club "Vinyl". Active performances began with 2009! From 2013 founded the company engaged in a club, a restaurant,commercials and music business. Also he participated in organization of various events with the best club project of Petersburg! Is co-founder of the label ONLY EXCLUSIVE RECORDS and included in the TOP 10 of the best sound producers in Russia according to the rating of a (Showbiza) His tracks heard on many well-known radio stations in the country!

light family booking : 89214189336 Daria

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