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Francisco "Pancho" de Pablo, Chilean born song writer, composer, and DJ, is better known as Manuvers in the hip hop community. Manuvers migrated to the US in 1988 with his family to look for better oportunities and expand his horizons. At age 26, Manuvers is now based out of Miami working with Botanica del Jibaro as a solo artist, and as a key figure in running Counterflow Recordings.

As a producer, Manuvers' musical style blends everything from downtempo beats, Hip Hop, Soul, and Funk, to various American Jazz elements. The music he makes is filled with emotion and passion, and his greatest competition is himself, for he believes is the only way to constantly grow as an artist.

Manuvers has performed throughout Chile, Spain, Holland, Germany, England, Scotland, and numerous cities in the US within the last 2 years. He has a full length CD and a 12" entitled “Afluenza”, as well as a limited 7" entitled "Supernatural Tangents" out on Botanica del Jibaro. Manuvers is a member, along with Stres and Induce, of the group Antennae whose debut album is out in Japan on Botanica del Jibaro. Aside from helping run the highly critically acclaimed Counterflow Recordings, he also has contributed with production for the following releases on Counterflow Recordings:

Seven Star's "My mother and Father Were Astronauts" album
Last Poets feat. Dead Prez and Common "Panthers" 12 inch
Last Poets feat. Chuck D. (Public Enemy) "Are you Ready Niggas" 12
Dave Ghetto "Love Life" Album

As an individual, Manuvers is a person who wants to spread truth and convey ideas through his music. He sees Hip Hop, and music in general, as a means to speak to people and share ideas, as well as to make them feel good.

Has shared the stage with:

Digable Planets, Cee Lo (Goodie Mob), Ed OG, Masta Ace, MED, Fatlip, Phife Dog (A tribe called Quest), Slug (Atmosphere), Maseo (De la Soul), DJ Craze, Mad Villain, Little brother, J Live, Dynas, Dave Ghetto, Prince Po (Organized Confusion), Prefuse73, Quest love (The Roots), Victor Duplaix, Rich Medina, Cyne, and Five Deez to name a few.

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