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DJ Martini is known all over Seattle's nightlife for his diverse sixth sense for music. Through out the year's he's moved from house, to mash-ups, to top 40. In 2001 he was a resident DJ at Euphoria/Planeta Mexico in San Antonio, Texas. He also worked with the promotion company digiworks, which lead to multiple gigs. Thereafter, in 2002 he joined a band called "Redhouse," toured around colorado and also produced hip-hop CD for local rap artists. DJ Martini then moved to Seattle, WA to pursue a degree in Audio Production at AIS. Since working in Seattle He's DJ'd at: Trinity, Nuemos, The Crocidile, Nectar, The Ballroom, Contour, Chop Suey, Fuel, Heaven, Irish Immigrant, Rendezvous, Studio 7, The Showbox Sodo, and multiple events for REDBULL. In addition, Martini has 4 years experience being an A/V Technician and is currently working for Microsoft as a video compressor engineer. He's done shows with the rock band "The Downfall," and Dj'd for the rap group "Da Brix." Also he's produced music for Pearl of "Champagne Champagne", Chance/ AMDEF, "Ronald McFonald and Billy The Fridge", and plays with DJ Punish, they call themselves the Scratchaholics. He currently DJ's some nights at, The Rat & Raven, The Diller Room, and various locations in Seattle. He is constantly producing and revolutionizing the Music and club scene.

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