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Born & raised in the WINDY CITY under the influence of ... 2 TECHNIC 1200's, a NUMARK MIXER, & a CRATE of HOUSE MUSIC this CHI-TOWN native made a name for himself during the CHICAGO HOUSE MUSIC SCENE alongside Friend/DJ "2-Tuff". Needing a UNIQUE DJ name for upcoming HOUSE PARTIES around the HALLOWEEN SEASON & a LOVE of 80'S HORROR FILMS- Dj Noel "The NiteMare" seemed to be the obvious choice. Moving from CHICAGO to NYC, then PUERTO RICO definitely influenced his MUSICAL TASTES, EDUCATION & DJ EXPERIENCE. From small venues in CHI-Town & a couple of BARS & PUBS in PR... with a brief stint as a guest DJ @ RADIO STATION X-100 FM with GEORGE The RIPPER, to small GIGS in NYC...NITEMARE'S LOVE & PASSION for EDM and THE ELECTRONIC MUSIC SCENE can not be overstated!!! Studying FILM & TV at USC in PR then @ NYU SCHOOL of FILM, Videos & Music have always played an important aspect in the CREATIVE process! If U LIKE the Mixes & Videos Don't Forget to SUBSCRIBE! ....THX