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Not many DJ’s are capable of bringing the party to the next level as well as DJ Phat AL. With thousands and thousands of high quality videos and many of his own video edits and remixes in demand by other DJ’s in the industry, DJ Phat AL is quickly making a name for himself as a DJ who is very versatile and comfortable with many genres and rocks the house with an ALL video show ALL night long.

DJ Phat AL has been remixing, editing, and customizing videos for several events and nightclubs for over a decade. Through those years, he has been collecting music video content for his ever extensive video library which spans over 5 decades. His library consists of exclusive, rare music videos and grows daily. Throughout the years, he has followed the latest in technology and uses the latest tools to make video remixes for his library and on-line video services like and Crooklyn Clan’s video remix section of their popular DJ website.

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