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Michael S. Napier aka DJ SHA-BOO
STYLE OF MUSIC: Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Latin, Old School & Top 40 Dance
(COMPANIES: Hustle Squad DJs, Wreckroomflava, TriadFam Entertainment, In The Building Entertainment, Shark Entertainment & Cutup Squad)
EXPERIENCE: Started DJing in 1990.
Started producing songs in 1999
1996 - started Triadfam Entertainment/Wreckroom Flava with brother Keith aka Klep(C.E.O.)
1997 - joined hardcore band, Bonehead
1998 - created group ECP(EastCoastPsychos) with lead singer of Bonehead. Later, group changed its name to 7hp(7 Hill Psychos)
1999 - present, recorded two CDs with band 7hp, and one CD with TriadFam Entertainment
2000 - internet radio show at Mass Comm College(Boston) for two semesters, radio show at 91.3 fm WCUW(Worcester) - Worked at Club Liquid in Leominster, MA, Club Paradise in Lowell, MA, Studio 25 in Lowell,MA, Nicks II in Worcester,MA, Club Marque (formally known as The Source Night Club)in Worcester,MA, The Palladium in Worcester,MA, Commercial Street Cafe(currently know as Liquid Sky)in Worcester,MA, Mulligans in Worcester,MA, The Lucky Dog Music Hall (formally known as Sir Morgans Cove)in Worcester,MA, Festers Dog House in Worcester,MA, Irish Times (Rehab/Mansion House) in Worcester,MA The Skybar (formally known as The El Morocco)in Worcester,MA, La Raza Nightclub in Worcester,MA, Blitz Sports Bar in Worcester,MA and Club Red in Worcester, MA

October 2002 - June 2004 spinnin' every friday night at Club Marque in Worcester, MA
June 2004 Performed with both hardcore band and hip-hop group in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Detroit, Michigan.
2005 - Working on internet radio show ( and DJing at Club Voodoo(Wednesday nights) in Worcester, MA & Club Marque(Friday nights)
2006 - Atrium Entertainment Complex (Saturday nights) and Karma Nightclub (Thursday nights)
2007 - Club Oasis (London Billiards) (Saturday Nights) 103.7fm WCCH(Holyoke, MA) Club Red (friday Nights) 91.3fm (Saturday/sunday)
2008 - Club Red (friday Nights) 105.5fm FLAVA(mon-thurs 9pm/sat 1pm) 91.3fm WCUW(Saturday/sunday)
2009 - 102.9fm (mon-thurs 3pm) 91.3fm WCUW(Saturday/sunday 3am - 6am)
2010 - Canal (sundays & wednesdays) Mint Lounge (thursdays) Swagger Nightclub (fridays)
March 2010 - The Venues in Fitchburg, MA (thursdays) The Crescent Lounge in Worcester, MA (fridays) 88.7fm "DA BLAZE FM" in Miami, FL
August 2010 - Flava 105.5 fm (Tuesdays & Fridays 8pm - 11pm est.)
September - December 2010 - Club Universe (Worcester) (sundays)
December 2010 - January 2011 - Club Instyle (Worcester) (thursdays)
January 2011 - Bar Room (Boston) (thursday)
February 2011 - Tropical Gardens (Worcester) (thursdays) Club 54 (Worcester) (fridays)

March 2011 - Pho-54 Club (Worcester) (fridays)
June 2011 - Royal Seasons Bar (Springfield) (tuesdays)

August 2011 - Common Ground (Fitchburg) (Thursdays & Saturdays)
August 2011 - Perfect Game (Worcester) (Wednesdays)
September 2011 - Carlins Pub (Ayer) Fridays & Saturdays
November 2011 - International Lounge (Worcester) Thursday & Friday

PULSE MAGAZINE'S WINNER of best club dj award 2011

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