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DJ Take [Ta-kay] was born in Japan and grew up in Tokyo. A childhood violinist, he learned from his mother, a pianist. He then aspired to become a space physicist in his teenage and college years.

In the meantime he was introduced to the aesthetic of dance music and began his DJ career. Initially specializing in deep house, DJ Take expanded into Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Latin, Afrobeat, and Jazz and has incorporated all styles into his musical repertoire.

After moved to NY, DJ Take got an opportunity to spin at Club Shelter, a legendary house music venue. He has played private events including corporate parties, weddings, store openings; all of which have benefited from his careful, professional selection of music tailored for the clients and venues. As a club DJ, he has played at many famous venues in Manhattan.

As of 2012, DJ Take has introduced video dj mixing, a new DJ technology which allows DJs to play music videos as well as regular audio. This new technology adds greater visual impact further improving the guests' experience. With this new system, his performance ranges from 50's/60's music videos to the latest House/Top 40 hit videos.

DJ Take blends his Japanese roots, global Influences and NY's world-class standards to excel in creating a unique, yet infectious style.

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