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I graduated from the Video Department of Moholy - Nagy University of Art and
Design Budapest in 2003. I make video-installations and performances.
My work is strongly determined by my attitude to the medium I work with.
Therefore space and live presence are equally very important.
What diferrentiates video from all other media is the ability of creating real time
image. This is the speciality of this genre. I think that those works that ignore this
principle and prefer film-making methods can be classified rather as cinematics
than video art. Video has a number of other minor attributes that make it unique
and separate it from other visual techniques like low resolution, extreme speed
recording, slow motion. It also enables us to replicate provinces that are invisible
to the eye such as thermal imaging and X-ray mapping. The diversity of its
presenting surfaces make it applicable to installative situations. For me, the most
important of these are yet to grasp the simultaneity of the moment. Live image
creation and the live appearance in the space. The relationship between reality
and digitised reality. Observation and being observed are tools to understand
our surroundings. The eyes that are watcing us and our eyes by which we keep
our environment under constant survelliance. In my works I build specifically
structured systems to implement the meeting of the living and technology.
These make the base for collaboration with artists from other fields of art.

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