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  1. 15:21:43

    ICFA Oral History Initiative

    by Dumbarton Oaks Videos

    9 Videos

    This album contains oral history interviews about the past fieldwork and research projects represented in ICFA's collections and past activities by former ICFA staff members. ICFA launched its…

  2. 03:14:14

    Dumbarton Oaks Gardens Film

    by Dumbarton Oaks Videos

    4 Videos

    This album contains a film of the Dumbarton Oaks gardens, created between the 1920s and 1940s, and a presentation about the "re-discovery" and preservation of the film from Rona Razon (ICFA…

  3. 05:02

    Garden Archives

    by Dumbarton Oaks Videos

    1 Video

    These videos are part of the Dumbarton Oaks Garden Archives.

  4. 03:00:36

    Byzantine Institute Films

    by Dumbarton Oaks Videos

    13 Videos

    This album contains films created by the Byzantine Institute, a non-profit organization that was founded and directed by Thomas Whittemore, starting in 1930. Their goal was to restore and conserve…

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