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DOCH, University of Dance and Circus, is Sweden’s highest seat of learning and research in the arts of dance and circus. DOCH offers education for choreographers, circus artists, dancers and dance pedagogues/teachers. DOCH strengthen the position of dance and circus arts and is continuously striving to contribute to the development of knowledge, innovation and of the society as a whole. Through a strong and visionary aim we contribute to making the arts important assets in a dynamic, democratic and multicultural society. DOCH is a part of Stockholm University of the Arts.

DOCH Lectures
DOCH Lectures compiles lectures given in the contexts of DOCH. Starting from Spring 2011 we attempt to open our lectures to a larger audience around the world. It is our desire to share our resources with others and expand the understanding of what our field of competence can imply.

Close Encounter is DOCHs research forum, an opportunity to meet, talk, share and show our work and the processes that we live in order to get to it. This is a dynamic and creative environment where we bring art, pedagogy and science together to help develop new bodies of knowledge, while also taking account of established theories. There is a lot to share!

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