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Documentreefilms is a UK based production company specialised in documentary filmmaking and portraits. Founded by award winning Film Director Pierre Deschamps and producer Etta Deschamps, our company handles the different stages of production including Pre production - Shooting and Post-production.


  1. Stian Rekdal
  2. Mike Brook
  3. Barbara Chavelas Lozano
  4. Eric Hines
  5. Kevin Evans
  6. Kessler Crane
  8. Kris Haamer
  9. Gabriel Franco
  10. John Hicks
  11. Marcelo Locke
  12. François Mathey
  13. Dominique Danvoye
  14. Robert Fields
  15. Hanagroov
  16. Jonah Kessel
  17. Natura Film Group / NFGDOCS
  18. Emiel Elgersma

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