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Dodo is an environmental organisation for urban folk which relies on the power of knowledge and argument. Dodo is about talking and doing. It organises public events, discussion groups, projects and more. Dodo brings together people from different backgrounds to exchange expertise, experiences and ideas. We work out ideas and then we work on some of them to carry out experiments that might improve things.

Dodo has a flexible and open ethos which makes it easy for talk to lead to action. Many of its important projects started out as ideas or visions developed in small discussion groups. The offspring of Dodo include the wind power company Lumituuli Ltd, Manombo Rain Forest Conservation Project and Dodona Combo Discussion Forum Project.

The dodo, our namesake, disappeared long ago, one of the first species known to have become extinct as the result of human activity. But where there’s hope, there’s life. Come and join Dodo and help make the future a living future. For contact details scroll down a bit further - we're flexible about language as well, so if your Finnish isn't brilliant, don't let it put you off.

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