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Dogmedia Productions are an independent production company formed in 2001. Working primarily in digital format, Dogmedia have made numerous productions to date including documented interventions, short fiction films, radio work, sketch comedy, animations and model making & are also involved in live music/visual performances with two Dublin-based groups.

Dogmedia's members have a background in graphic arts, music, retail video purchasing, and video production. The personnel comprise of Andrew Keogh. Ger Staunton, Gary Bermingham, Andy Travers, Tim Hood and Richard O’Connor.

An area of great interest to Dogmedia is the logic of the absurd. We are fascinated with the power and impact humour and absurdity can have on human interactions and how we live in societies. We are constantly engaging in small anthropological studies of people and situations, mannerisms, social hegemony, social politics, and taboo issues. To see our work, visit

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