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I have been creating video content for over 10 years. Most was for public access TV in Minneapolis where I created an entire network - Mandala News Network - as a vehicle for a range of content from travel videos, to news and commentary, even surreal absurdist satire and spiritual anarchy.

More recently, I have begun creating video documentaries and short informational videos for non-profit organizations. The feature-length documentary following the first year under the new craft beer distribution laws in Minnesota is a primary focus at the moment. Production end in August 2013. Release estimated in Spring/Summer 2014. Videos for non-profit organizations include those featuring Dave Lewis for Brightside Books and Walk, Stroll and Roll for Ataxia 2012 for the National Ataxia Foundation.

These videos have been made for CDDF Productions. A company established with Gulin Oz to create and distribute the kind of videos exemplified by the craft beer documentary and the informational videos about ataxia.


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