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Contrary to popular belief. Rj Dollen is not a person but a company of sorts. Primarily its me, Cameron Stewart and some very talented individuals that I include whenever possible. A typical shoot will have a crew of 2 or 3 working the lights, taking pictures, setting up scenes and doing what ever needs to be done to get the shots we’re after. We “MacGyver” when we have to and we are not bound by any particular rules; It’s more important to us to be original and innovative with the ideas and the shots we take. In that spirit, we are very “final product” oriented and utilize our strong post-production skills. We believe in collaboration and we love to get ideas and feedback from our talent, clients and crew as we shoot. We commonly bring designers along to assist in dressing the models. We are at times very experimental with ideas, make-up, hair, poses and locations. It’s not uncommon for us to trade roles amongst the crew, trying out new ideas and exploring fresh perspectives. See dollen.com for fashion, thebodcast.com for video podcasts.

That is the default blurb I post when I have to.. the other me works for a Satellite communication company and sells funny T-shirts on the side. I have worked as a T-shirt artist at a couple jobs and now can't stop coming up with them. Many of them ended up in Hottopic or Pacsun. My most popular shirt ever was a pink shirt that said "Keep laughing this is your girlfriends shirt"... and that is pretty much my since of humor.

Check out some podcasts at thebodcast.com or search for "bodcast" on itunes in the podcast section. or just click here phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id...

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