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  1. The Quran Movies HD

    10 videos

    Directed by: Koray Demir Produced by: Koray Demir Aynelhayat Demir Executive Producer: Yasemin Demir Director of Photography: Kamil Çetin Music by: Serkan Sönmezocak Edited by: Eray Demir Voiceover: Richard Hamer Those Films were made by Doludizgin Creative Films in the name of TRT. ©2008

  2. Commercials

    42 videos

    Here is some samples of commercials by DDCF from 2002 to present.

  3. Kuran Filmleri HD

    42 videos

    Yönetmen: Koray Demir Yapımcı: Koray Demir, Aynelhayat Demir Yürütücü Yapımcı: Yasemin Demir Görüntü Yönetmeni: Kamil Çetin Müzik: Serkan Sönmezocak Kurgu: Eray Demir Seslendirme: Toron Karacaoğlu Bu Filmler TRT tarafından Doludizgin…

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