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DOM BARRA approached and started his practice in the field of visual art during his 7 years of life in England, Great Britain, also studying at the Leeds College of Art and Design. His creative production interested a wide use of techniques such as installation, digitally manipulated pictures, mixed media paintings with a choice of subjects spreading from works with sociopolitical concerns to works with a more introspective theme.
The perpetuating creative dialectic of D. Barra results in a constant research for innovative artistic results in matters of subjects and the ways that they can be depicted. Lately is main focus is glitch art and a strong dedication in studying/researching/experimenting with new media art.
His worsks are featured on various magazines, website and blogs such as Revolutionart Magazine, Players, The Villager Newspaper, Time Out New York, Interartive, Thvndermag, gl1tchf4c3, YouBizarre, 15Folds and d1Ɍ+y̶ ̶N̶3WWW_M3DI∆ which he also co-curate with Jon Cates + Shawné Michaelain Holloway.
D. Barra has exhibited either in Italy or abroad his native country.
Since September 2013 he has been working with SUDLAB, an art space devoted to artistic and cultural research sited in Portici (Italy), organizing few exhibitions such as “Tactical Glitches” curated by Rosa Menkman and Nick Briz. Barra has also collaborated to “The Wrong” – New Digital Art Biennale”.

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