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After working in the industry for more than five years as a multimedia artist and on-location photographer, I was still looking for the best way to showcase captivating images of the highest quality. I shot my first time lapse video in 2009 and was amazed by the sharpness and precision of the images. I had found the perfect, most precise medium to express and display the qualities I was looking for in my work.

I quit my 9-5 job to dedicate all my energy towards mastering the art of making outstanding time lapse videos. It was hard work, but fueled by my passion, I never looked back.

In late 2013, my fiancée and I sold almost everything we owned and became full-time travellers. Since then, we’ve travelled by car more than 40,000 km and I shot countless time lapse sequences. Being location independent has allowed me to devote myself entirely to my art.

When I’m not thinking about my next project, shooting or editing time lapses, I like to immerse myself in a good film, cook vegan food and spend time outdoor with my fiancée and our Yorkie, Bruce.

You can find me here:

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