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Done In Sixty Seconds®, LLC (DISS) is an established web-based company that has developed a new technology and process that will revolutionize the way internet video advertisements are designed. The online video advertising market represents a rapidly growing segment of internet marketing. With ubiquitous broadband access and the growing popularity of online video sites, internet users are becoming much more accustomed to watching video over the internet. Done In Sixty Seconds® is the only company that offers businesses the ability to create full-production web videos entirely online, giving businesses a low-cost method for adding video features to their website. This approach allows virtually any business to take advantage of the internet video trend and create a more effective and engaging website.

By making the entire video design process available online, the amount of time and cost associated with web video creation is drastically reduced. The customer designs the video on our website by selecting a number of features, such as actor, style of dress, speaking style, background, music, etc.

Once the video design is finished, the customer pays for the video on the website and the design information is sent to a third-party production company. By automating the design process and significantly reducing the interaction with an advertising/production company, customers can create an advertising video in minutes, rather than days.

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