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Sarasota Florida

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Donny Spielberg has been a name that some of you may be familiar with but for those of you who aren’t, let me tell you about him.
For twelve years now, Donny Spielberg has been making tracks for the underground in the Electronic Scene in Detroit and South Florida(Also known as the Dirty South).He is now ready to conquer a larger, more global market.

Recording Engineer under the personal direction of Bobby Vinton; Five of the most interesting and captive years he was fortunate to be a part of working along side other more experienced engineers from Sony BMG. Recording, Mixing, Playing Piano and teaching Bobby how to use a synth, The Yamaha.

Working with Detroit artist, Aaron Carl with others such as The Lodge Boys” , The “Ball-Out Boys”, He has put in his work in the music industry no doubt, while always striving for better ways, ideas, with a focus on the means to the future preservation of artistry in sound.


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