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Houston, TX

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American Hip-Hop Artist/ Song-Writer/ Film Director.

Love-Luck-Money: My life is one big love story; based on my love for music, money, as well as my personal relationships & experiences. While on a demanding journey toward success, my focus tends to readjust on the more darker images, those extremely personal places you try so hard not to uncover to the public. And in those places I find the real me…no glitz, no glamour…these are my real thoughts, ideas, and visuals…and I present them to you.
Opportunity + Preparation = a pocket full of Luck. Rolled the dice and it happened to land on 7. This must be my lucky day because I usually crap-out…I bet with my Heart : gamble with my Emotions….but that's a risk we gotta take sometimes to win BIG. -Don Pete


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