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Bowen Staines hails from the wintery state of New Hampshire, where he became interested in music and cinematography at a very early age, initially spurring the idea to form DON’T PANIC FILMS in 2001. It was this infatuation with music & film that originally drew him to the remote country of Iceland, where DON’T PANIC has since established its primary headquarters. When he isn’t filming at DON’T PANIC, Bowen’s spare time is dedicated to working as a cinematographer and still photographer for National Geographic, in addition to being a freelance journalist, musical composer, Foley artist, graphic designer, editor, as well as a sponsored skateboarder. Bowen runs a newly founded network specializing in Scandinavian music called DontPanicTV, and has done film projects with groups ranging from Ólafur Arnalds and Sólstafir, to Dolly Parton and Leonard Cohen.

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