Islamabad, Pakistan

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Doodh Patti is an independent music platform that allows people from different backgrounds to come together and collaborate, discovering & creating music that is unique.

The show is produced by the talented Taimoor Mirza, who after dedicating 15 years of his life to music, is finally launching Doodh Patti this June.
ChannelTek Studios are providing Doodh Patti with full technical support. Hassan Naeem of ChannelTek was the perfect person to work with on the show, considering years of experience in the field of media and technology.

Doodh Patti will be regularly featuring performance sessions of various artists. It inspires to be a platform for renowned and upcoming, less mainstream artists from various genres and languages. Doodh Patti will also showcase Pakistan’s rich music culture by presenting traditional artists, folk music influences and regional instruments.

(Video and mp3 files for each song will be available for download on the website after release. Follow Doodh Patti on on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook)

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