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Before you read my profile, it's worth pointing out that my vimeo feed has a bias towards my family home movies but there's proper work in here also, it's just they are usually embedded in other sites. Anyway, don't let that stop you! Off we go!

Christopher Dooks is a former television director of documentaries including The South Bank Show. He is also an artist, curator and doctoral reseacher. In 1999, Dooks became ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or M.E. Since then, he has been funded for numerous artist residencies. His current direction of enquiry is the efficacy of 'micro art projects' which re-engage sufferers of chronic illnesses with a sense of engagement with life. He holds a degree in Film & Television Production, and an award from Scottish Screen in 1997 for his film Beacons, which examined the cultural nature of man-made light with religion.

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