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Dosdecadatres™ is design + data + motion
Dosdecadatres is a small creative studio based in Madrid and focused on graphic design, data visualization and moving image. Since 2004.

DDCT also craft projects in brand identity, brand films, infographics, title credits and motion graphics. Since 2004. DDCT aims to communicate good and well told ideas. DDCT are in love with typography and can't avoid to put special attention into any detail. DDCT work for advertising agencies, brand consultancy, audiovisual production companies and all types of business that have something to communicate.
Dosdecadatres has made credit titles for several RTVE documentaries ("Y no llevaste luto por mi" – 2012, "Spanish Western" – 2014), short films ("Cordelias"– 2013, "Through the Breaking Glass" – 2013) and worked for directors like Gracia Querejeta and Iván Mena–Tinoco, among others.
Some of his work has been recognized repeatedly by Laus Awards (Silver 2011 and 2014) and one Red Dot "Best of the Best" 2013 –corporate film category– for his work for Mahou "Living to the fullest."

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