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Brian Dote is the founder of Tapiki, a Hawaii-based iPhone application and website development company. Tapiki provides professional expertise from application concept and design, to implementation, distribution, and maintenance.

In addition to iPhone development, Brian has nearly 15 years of experience building and designing desktop and web applications. Seven of those years were spent working in Silicon Valley at companies such as Cisco Systems, Incyte Corporation, and Apple, Inc. Brian managed several project teams and launched many successful projects during his four years with Apple including work on the iTunes Store, Motion, iPhoto, iMovie, the MobileMe Web Gallery, MobileMe Webmail, and Mobile Safari apps for the original iPhone.

In 2009, Brian was a Webby Honoree for his web development work on the Springfield Town Center website project.

In 2012 Brian was awarded patent #8,126,966, #8,161,179, and #8,261,209 for work done on the iPhone while at Apple, Inc. He has an additional patent pending.

In 2012 Brian co-founded Viimodo, LLC., an iPhone and iPad educational game and app development company focused on early childhood education.

Also in 2012 Brian co-founded Menuie, LLC., a Honolulu-based startup building simple, beautiful, delicious mobile menus for the iOS and Android platforms. With over 10 restaurants already participating, the app has received great reviews from the food community.

Brian earned his BA in Zoology from the University of Hawaii (1995) and his MS in Information Systems from Hawaii Pacific University (2000).

He currently resides in Manoa, Hawaii with his wife and two children.


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