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Helping people work in new ways. We partner with communities, organisations, and individuals to: listen, share, and create.
Our main services can be broadly summarised into the following areas:

We work with you to make films or videos that help you tell your story and educate your audience.
Storytelling traditions are as old as humanity itself. A well-made film can you help connect with, captivate, inform, and inspire an audience.

Great learning experiences help us discover our own strengths, develop our skills, and find new paths and ways of doing things.
We create engaging, effective, and energising learning experiences for adults. We work online, in the classroom, and in the workplace.

Technology is a fantastic tool, but can be daunting to those who know they need something but are not sure exactly what it is.
We'll work with you to help you discover and implement the best technology solution for you.

Categories; Film, Video, Instructional Design, Training, Adult Education, Technology Coaching, Charity Support, Documentary films, Educational films, Professional filming services, Assessment, eLearning, basic website design and build, technology interpreter.

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