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Los Angeles, CA. area

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Doug is an Los Angeles-based Cinematographer, who graduated from Art Center College of Design, and has over 30 years of experience working in the film business. Working as both Director of Photography & Director/Cameraman, he's done it all; commercials, industrials, short films, features, and Social Media, on both stages, and locations all over the world. Doug was also a professor at Chapman University, where he taught Commercials for Cinematography, to the young and up coming cinematographers of the future.
Also, Doug and his son, Shad, have been doing other smaller Media work, tailoring it more to what the clients marketing needs are. Most of the projects are going to the internet and to the clients website. "We have the experience and insight into helping our clients incorporate creative and cost effective approaches, to their image, branding, and marketing efforts. We give them the ability to present their brand across the expanding, and ever-changing, popular landscape, of new media platforms. We basically work with our clients from beginning to end, to form fit a custom High Def video into whatever their vision and ideas are, and give them something that is totally unique to them". We work with smaller crews, capture great footage, and do all of the same basic functions required in film production. But now, we do it much easier, and without all of the hassles that used to come with big productions. Something that would have normally taken twice the time and effort, now is manageable.

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