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Douglas is an actor and producer. His recent credits include a supporting role as a hit man in the 2015 independent feature film "The Cobbler", a feature film starring Adam Sandler and Dustan Huffman and directed by Tom McCarthy, he also has a starring role in the horror crime feature "Slash 3" and the zombie thriller "Perdition" directed by Jack Stanis. Last year, he played the role of the villain in the sci-fi indie "Waystation in the Stars", and the role of the ruthless bank robber in "La Croix Rising".

He also appeared in Delivery at the HBO Latin Films Festival, Help Wanted (Cinequest Online Viewers Choice), La Vida Blanca (L.A Film Festival Winner), Hagondes (CUNU Festival Winner).

Douglas has been making a career performing gritty and edgy characters on TV. He has worked on Nurse Jackie, Damages, NYC 22, Person of Interest , The Americans, Blue Bloods and The Following.

Douglas grew up in Houston, Texas and he is the son of Latin American parents. His mother is from Bogota, Colombian and his father from Buenos Aires, Argentina and he lived and studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a small boy. He is also the great grand nephew of Julio Arboleda, a famous Colombian poet, journalist and politician.

Douglas has a deep passion for the stage and classic plays. In 2005 he studied and was directed by Tim Phillips in Sam Shepard's "True West" and received 5 stars for his performance of both Lee & Austin at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In 2007 he played George in "Of Mice and Men" where he received great reviews from leading publications including The New York Times and Backstage. He has worked opposite the great Marian Seldes in (world premier) "First Born" by Harding Lemay, and performed the Doctor in Tennessee Williams classic "Suddenly Last Summer' which was produced by White Horse Theater Company. He was cast by Edward Albee in his Houston theater workshop for new plays and when he moved to New York, he was accepted into the legendary acting class of Wynn Handman who he studied many years with. In 2009 and 2010, he studied with Alec Baldwin in his advanced scene study class, and he recently had the opportunity to study with Kathleen Turner in her master acting class.

Douglas has always lived a very physically active life. He played football in high school, boxed in college, has run two marathons, has bagged 10 Scottish Munros, ran with the Bulls in Pamplona on his honeymoon and in 2012 he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with his friend Keith Monda.

Douglas is developing working on a solo show that tells the internal struggles that American soldiers face at War as well as their struggles to come back home. It is a powerful tale of real stories and accounts from soldier's letters written from the American revolution through current day Afghanistan. The show uses a variety of characters to show the audience how war turns these men into walking ghosts and makes it so difficult for them to re-enter life when they come home. He plans to take this to the Edinburgh Festival in 2015.

He studied acting at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and lives in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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