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I always find talking about myself rather difficult, but find the "bio" section of most profiles the most daunting. What does one say when they have complete control over another's first impression of them? Right here, right now, I have the opportunity to present the version of me that I want you to see. I can curate you're perception of me! That is both awesome, and completely terrifying.

It means that I have to know who I want to be. It means I have to know who I am, and what I'm not.

I'm not sure I know any of that - but I have a vague idea. Maybe :) What I do know for certain is that I would like to be not defined by the pieces of paper I have earned, the way I make money, the town I live in, the clothes I wear, nor the music to which I listen. But golly, it sure is easy to define oneself that way isn't it?

I am an artist, or at least I have a piece of paper with the letters "b" "f" and "a" on it declaring me so. I work for the <a href="">Electric Sheep Company</a>, which is awesome, but from home, which is not (I like people but most days I don't get a chance to even speak allowed... it hurts my soul), as a digital artist. I live in Brooklyn...

And I'm trying to find my way home.

<a href="">flickr</a>; <a href="">twitter</a>; <a href="">lastfm</a>;


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