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Combining the raw power of American music and the thrill of the open road, Down the Highway is a new music interview web show hosted by musician and motorcyclist Ian Harrower. Riding city to city on a 1967 Triumph TR6C, Harrower drops in on such mainstays of American roots music as Social Distortion guitarist Jonny Wickersham; poet, artist, and X vocalist Exene Cervenka; and former Black Flag frontman / OFF! vocalist,Keith Morris.

The palette of American music is rendered wide and includes jazz, punk, blues, country, and folk. Interviewees are not solely limited to musicians, but include influential guitar makers, studio engineers, and painters and photographers who are inspired by the rhythms of music made in the USA.

Interviews present a complete picture of these musical legends and include windows into to the musical, historical, and artistic influences that shaped them. Viewers discover the artists' respective inspirations and gain an understanding of the significant social issues of the time as well as the subjects' take on current social, political, and musical climates.

Show host Ian Harrower can't remember a time in his life without music; his father built custom instruments and hosted jam sessions in the family living room. At age 13, Harrower discovered punk rock and started playing live shows, later widening his musical education with country, bluegrass, blues, Cajun, soul, and early pop. A one-man rhythm section who's performed with various outfits as percussionist/bassist, he's also proficient with the dobro, up right Bass, autoharp, mandolin, banjo, accordion and trumpet. In his 20s he started writing music for film and television, and began cutting hair to pay the bills. People tell their barber everything; Down the Highway melds Harrower's gift of gab and lifelong love of all things musical, infused with the enticing lure of the open road.

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