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3D self-taught and assistant director since 2004. I have acquired solid experience working both in TV and movie sets as well as an in-depth knowledge of the post-production process.

This enables me to create high quality special effects within the constraints of the production. After intensive training at the Gobelins School in Paris using Maya software, I have chosen to work in FX.

Over the last months i have move to Houdini after a training of 3 weeks and continue to practice it every day.

i'm actually Maya FX TD at MPC Film in London.

As an FX passionnate it's time for me to undertake news challenges and to grow up in my job with new talented people. I decided to go to work in an other country if a nice opportunity came to me.

Spécialités ://Particles, fluids, fire effects, water effects, rigid body dynamics, cloth simulations

//Softwares : SideFX Houdini, Autodesk MAYA, Autodesk 3DSMAX(FumeFX, Krakatoa), Syntheyes, Cinéma 4D, Realflow 2012, Adobe After effect CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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