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Drachenhaus are James Vader and Angie Pfeffer, a Post-Industrial two-piece residing in Berlin.

James grew up in a Scottish research outpost of the largest emperor penguin colony in Antarctica. Angie was raised in a French Canadian pagan commune just south of the Arctic Circle.

Being familiar with ice and darkness, both felt the teenage need to rebel could only be quenched by a move into contrast. So the two found themselves at ages 16 and 19, one Thursday evening in November at the ferry dock in the Alice Springs harbour.

After a brief jaunt into depravity the two coalesced their small eruptions and disasters into a drive to marry each other, psychedelia, synth metal and beat poetry. Both share duties on analogue synths, both bash away at drum machines, both whisper and moan their vocals. However Angie is known to dance and James is prone to smashing a guitar. When playing live, they like to add improvised sections to their songs, extending them, jamming and responding to the acoustic feedback from each other and the radiance of the audience. Their music could be described as Depeche Mode collaborating with Goblin to produce a soundtrack for the next John Carpenter movie.

For bookings, please email: drachenhausmusic@gmail.com

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