Aaron Draplin

Portland, Ore.

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Midwestern-blooded. Husky. Confident. Staying strong. Lover of all things, "Gary." Fighting the Good Fights. Responsible. Quick-witted. Self-employed. Flexible schedule. "Bad Ass" in many subjects. Graphic designer. Honest living. Homeowner. Guitar player. Drum beater. Fast learner. Mustached. Backyard stargazer. Cool breeze digger. Golden hour light user. Traveler. Ephemeralist. Junior Sasqualogist. Art School survivor. Okie Noodler. Champion of Jackalope Conservation. Lover of all things Bicentennial. Flaming Lips Fan No. 13,423,921. Wonderer. Golden Buzz spacer. Warrior of the Open Road. Side sleeper. "Big S" pilot. Ample Backup. Mom misser. Dad misser. Good listener. Gocco Black Belt. Internet hiker. American citizen. Multnomah county resident. Mean streets of Sandy & 67th. Strong bloodline. Loyal friend.

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