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My name is Drayke Larson, I’m a father, photographer and lover of all things nerdy.

Photography is a lifelong passion of mine. From an early age, I was always interested in creating beautiful images. Luckily this translated into a very happy career in adulthood, something I take incredibly seriously.

I have shot weddings, fashion shows, senior portraits, family photos, and landscapes over the years. When deciding whether I am the photographer for you, I recommend taking a look at my portfolio. I have endeavoured over the years to find a style that is all my own, and while it is ever evolving, I feel that it’s inherent in everything that I do. The images that I use in my portfolio are not specially edited super images that I use just for advertising, these are representative of my standard body of work. If you find that my images fit your project, then I would love to hear about it! You’ll find me to be a very engaged, easily excited but laid back photographer who enjoys new challenges!

Recently, my new challenge of choice is video! It's fun to do with my newer dSLR camera. It's definitely a lot more challenging than photography in so many ways, but I'm enjoying the steep learning curve playing around in After Effects and Premiere Pro. I think you'll probably see a few more videos from me this year! :)

My work has been featured in Wired, Gothic Beauty, Gothic Lolita Bible, RX, City Pages, Vita.MN, and on multiple popular websites (including several features in the Flickr Most Interesting category).

I am also a proud member of the Libertine Asylum, a fashion collective created to bring fanciness to popular culture, host fun and exciting events around Minnesota and bring more attention to the arts.

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