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We are DreamEmpire. A small film production group, compiled of various Media students from Sheridan College. Our work is based off projects both outside of our studies, as well as with. We shoot just about anything we possibly can, from dance to free running, as long as its possible, we will do it.


  1. Spencer Torok
  2. Kindle & Coal Film co.
  3. Till Schliemann
  4. Mike Chantaj
  5. Corey Glover
  6. sinclair
  7. Keenan Lynch
  8. InfinityList
  9. Kris Bonnell
  10. BrainFarm
  11. Vital Films
  12. Gayle Ye
  13. bill doddington
  14. Aleya L.
  15. Phil Packham
  16. Blake Hutchinson